OMEGA Connection

Through its specific API for pipelines and linear assets, it offers the best solution to integrate and leverage pipeline-related applications, foster innovation and create digital growth within companies.

Connection API

Different types of linkages: apps, IoT devices, mobile, etc

Geodesy Optimization

Processes with spatial indexing directly from the DB to optimize the performance of geographic calculations

GIS Protocol

Standard protocols for easy linking with GIS systems

Data Pipeline

Specific server that allows the execution of ETL processes (Extract, Transform and Load) and other processes

Integration Levels

Different levels of integration
according to requirements

Inspection processor

API functions to geographically process inspections with large volumes of records

Main Features

OMEGA Connection has a modern API that allows access to the OMEGA engine for the integration, analysis and distribution of pipeline information and results. It uses a spatially indexed DB to exponentially increase the efficiency of distributed asset geodesy calculations, risk analysis, corrosion calculations, regulatory indicators, etc.

Connects all the tools used for pipeline maintenance and integrity, both for operators and OIL & GAS service providers. Allows third parties to use the full potential of OMEGA to create new applications.